The Greensville County Planning Department is responsible for the following three vital business planning activities:

  • Administering regulations governing land use
  • Reviewing and coordinating all requests for site plan approvals and planned development projects
  • Issuing sign permits

The regulations administered by the Planning Department include changes in zoning classifications for unique and custom businesses and developing and implementing the County’s land use plan.

The County’s current land use plan looks to achieve a number of specific goals in the coming years. Most important is the goal to properly control and encourage a development pattern that respects the rural nature of the County, while also allowing for growth in designated areas.

The Comprehensive Plan includes the designation of areas for public and private development, including various types of uses such as residential, business, industrial, agricultural, conservation, and recreation. Other designations include transportation facilities, community service facilities, and public buildings.

More information about Greensville County’s 2013-2018 Comprehensive Land Use Plan can be accessed here (PDF). 

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